The Probable Reason Your Tree Is Dying

Reasons You Might Need a Tree Removal Service

If you take care of your trees properly, it will grow healthily and beautifully. But that does not mean that it will be exempted from damage. Just like all other living things, it will eventually die. When that comes, you need to call for a reliable, safe, and efficient tree removal service. Here are some of the common reasons that cause diseases on your trees:


Hasn’t it been raining for months in your area? Just like you, trees need an adequate amount of water to thrive too. Without getting enough water from rain or manual watering, it will eventually die. Discoloration or wilting on the leaves, twigs, limb, and branches of the trees are signs that it’s dying. Excessive drought can cause the death of roots as well. Just as your trees are trying to survive, insects and pests might feed on your dying tree to survive as well, which will lead to further damage to the tree.

Soil Imbalance

The main factor that can contribute to the healthy growth of trees is the soil. But it can also be the reason your trees die. Your tree might fail to get all the nutrients that it needs from the soil when there’s an imbalance in the minerals, water, air, organic and inorganic matter, and alkaline pH level on your soil. This could be caused by fertilizers, toxic products, and chemicals that go to your soil. If not addressed properly, it can eventually lead to the death of your tree and other plants in your yard.

Insect Infestation

As your trees try to thrive, it becomes more stressful. Stressed trees will produce more amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. This will make your tree more attractive to common insects. Invasive insect infestation can then possibly lead to the death of your trees. That’s why growing trees should be treated properly.

No matter how much you care for your trees, though, there could come a time that it will need to be cut down. When that happens, just turn to Garcia and Amigo Tree Service and Landscaping. We offer safe and efficient tree removal services to the property owners in the Fremont, CA area. For inquiries, simply call (510) 231-3483!