Proper Gear to Wear for a Safe Tree Removal

Safety Gear for a Safe Emergency Tree Removal Service

Has your favorite tree got in the way with your home addition project? Perhaps, it has uncontrolled growth that it already reached the power lines. Or maybe, it’s already deteriorating and it’s time to let it go. It might have even been uprooted due to the recent strong winds in the area. When it’s time to cut down a hazardous tree, always opt for a reliable emergency tree removal service. But if you would still choose the DIY route, here are safety gear you need to arm yourself with:

Hard Hat

First, you will need protection for your head. Failure to protect your head will put you at great risk of head injury. Bear in mind that branches can fall easily or trees can go in the wrong direction. That said, you would need to secure a hard hat. In case you fall from the tree or branches get into your head, it will be your first line of protection. You should never cut down a tree or even undertake pruning without your hard hats.


Aside from protecting your head, your hands should be protected too. In fact, it is the most prone to injuries. Keep in mind that tree surfaces can be rough. A set of gloves will be essential to protect your hard working hands from injuries. In fact, durable gloves can save your hand in case it gets too close to a saw.


Dust, debris, and even twigs will be everywhere when cutting down a tree. That is why you need to protect your eyes too. You wouldn’t want visibility problems, especially when you’re on the top of the tree. This could lead to you losing balance and potentially falling down from the tree. Not just that, it can lead to serious eye injury too. A trip to a hospital might not be something you would like now.

You don’t need even a single one of those items when you turn to a professional arborist. With Garcia and Amigo Tree Service and Landscaping, for example, we will arrive at your doorstep complete with cutting-edge equipment and safety gear. We provide that people in the Fremont, CA area with our affordable, safe, and efficient emergency tree removal service. For inquiries, call us at (510) 231-3483!