The Best Season to Prune

The Best Time to Call for Professional Tree Service

Who wouldn’t want to have well-manicured trees surrounding their beautiful homes, right? But trees aren’t usually well-manicured. They have unruly twigs, leaves, and branches too. That’s why it has to be pruned. Not only for aesthetics, though, but for better tree health and strong growth as well. That said, you will need to call for a professional tree service to ensure safe and efficient results. Not sure if it’s the right time to prune, read below!


For your flowering plants, the goal could be to enhance flowering, right? That said, you should prune during this season. Doing so will ensure that you can expect beautiful blooming flowers in your yard next season. But bear in mind that each tree is unique. This might not be applicable to all trees, but it’s effective for most. Always seek professional advice to ensure that you’re pruning the right way and at the right time.


Are the full leaves on your healthy trees bothering you? If you’d want to reduce total leaf surface, you should prune during the summer season. This will lead to reduced food manufactured for your tree leaves. The nutrients will then be sent down to the roots. Another tree work that you can do during summer is correcting defective leaves. Be sure to call your trusted arborist for efficient results.


You are allowed to prune during the three different seasons. When to prune, however, depends on the result that you are aiming to achieve. During the fall season, though, pruning should be reduced or completely avoided. This is because pruning encourages new growth. When you prune during fall, it won’t have time to harden off as the winter approaches. This will make your trees susceptible to fungal diseases as the pruning wounds will not be given time to heal.


It might be surprising for some, but one of the best times to prune is during the cold winter season. This will lead to a vigorous burst of healthy growth during the spring season. For best results, wait for the coldest part of winter. No worries as you wouldn’t have to do the pruning all by yourself. Professionals are trained on how to combat the cold weather while preparing your trees for the next season.

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