Tree Removals Don’ts

Safe Tree Removal Methods

You should not cut down a tree all on your own. Unless, of course, you are a professional arborist. Another exception if it is a small tree just about your height. Aside from that, we highly discourage anyone that hasn’t been trained to cut down trees all on their own. The main concern is your own safety. Aside from that, though, your property will be at risk of damage too. Remember your roof, siding, windows, and gutters. Fixing those can cost you a lot more than the possible cost you’d save by taking the DIY route. But if you insist, though, here are some helpful tips to minimize the risks of DIY tree removal methods:

Refrain from Using Household Tools

Are there tools already readily available in your property? Perhaps, you just want to utilize your old rusty carpentry box. But that would not be enough to cut down your hazardous tree. The use of proper tools and equipment would be a necessity. That is if you are aiming for safe and efficient results. On trying to reach high areas of the tree, for example, refrain from using that old plastic chair in your garage.

Don’t Take it Lightly

Construction workers, welders, firemen, and other professionals handling hazardous jobs always wear proper protective gear. Cutting down trees isn’t different. And you should never take this job lightly. Professional tree contractors, trained with safe tree removal techniques, even always arm themselves with appropriate safety gear from the head to the toes. You should too. You even need it more since you lack the proper training. The most important things you need would be a pair of gloves, goggles, and hard hat. This will protect your head, eyes, and hand from pointy twigs.

Overall, don’t take tree work lightly. It will require more than just your time and effort. The use of proper equipment and safety gear would be a necessity to ensure safe and efficient tree services. At Garcia and Amigo Tree Service and Landscaping, we don’t just guarantee safe and efficient tree services. We also provide one of the most affordable services in all Fremont, CA. There’s basically no reason to compromise your own safety when you can just hire us for reliable and affordable services. For inquiries, you may call (510) 231-3483.