The Best Time to Prune According to the Kinds of Trees That You Have

The Right Time for Tree Service for Your Plants

First, know that not all trees are the same. Each species varies from one another. There’s no rule that fits all. What works for your evergreen trees might not be the same for your flowering plants. That’s why seeking help from expert tree service providers would really make a wise move. When it comes to pruning, there are different times for it, depending on the kind of trees you have. Learn the best time to prune according to the kind of tree you have below!

Flowering Trees

Flowering plants can be very appealing. It could be the center of attention in your lawn. But to ensure optimum flower production, you should prune in the right season for your plants. Yes, you need to take into consideration the time when your trees bloom. Does it bloom during spring? If so, wait until the flowers fade before you start cutting it down. You should wait until winter up to early spring before you prune if your flowering plants bloom during mid-to-late summer.

Evergreen Trees

Have you planted pine trees? Perhaps, it’s the beautiful fir trees you have. Or maybe, you got spruce trees. Evergreen trees might already look presentable in its natural state, but it needs some pruning too. The good thing about evergreen trees is you can always have its dead and broken branches pruned at any time. For the unwanted lower branches, however, you should consider having it cut down during the late winter season.

Young Trees

This can be the trickiest. How you prune young trees can greatly affect its growth just like how you mold a child’s character. If you don’t want to deal with costly and inconvenient tree correction surgeries in the future, make sure your young trees are properly pruned now.

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