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Stump Removal Methods That You Can Use

A stump in your yard can be challenging to remove. It calls for the knowledge and expertise of a dependable arborist. Therefore, if you are now considering doing the job yourself, think again. Projects involving stump removal should be avoided unless you are a certified tree service provider. The best option for getting unsightly tree stumps out of your yard is to hire professionals.

Considering the DIY route? Here are the stump removal methods that you can use:

Manual Removal of Stump

The most typical method of stump removal is most likely manual. You might only be aware of this technique for getting rid of a stump. Dig around the stump to start. Shovel the dirt out once it has been loosened. Much soil will be present. The size of the tree stump that needs to be removed increases as more soil is removed. As soon as the roots start to show, cut them. Find the tap root and get rid of it as well. Once done, it will be challenging to get rid of the stump.

Chemical Removal of Stump

The first technique works well to get rid of small stumps. However, it’s not a very good idea to dig out substantial stumps. For larger stumps, chemical stump removal is the best choice. Fertilizers with a nitrogen-and-water ratio should be half-filled into the drill holes. It should be mulched and tarped. After that, you can relax and watch for it to fail. The use of chemicals can be risky. Take the appropriate safety measures. Hiring professionals is advised for the task.

Remove a Stump by Burning

Consider burning an unsightly stump in your yard if you want to get rid of it quickly and cheaply. But proceed with caution at all times. Before burning the tree stump, check the community regulations in your area.

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