More About the Tree Care Services We Offer

Garcia and Amigo Tree Service and Landscaping is a tree care company that focuses on providing reliable services for clients in the area that want to have appealing exteriors for properties and thriving arbors. We are experts with a substantial amount of experience working in the industry in Fremont, CA. As professionals, we can ensure that your trees are in good condition along with the exterior of your property. Continue reading for more.

We Can Provide the Following: 

Quality Tree Care

Quality Tree Care

Tree Care

Trees require regular care and maintenance for them to stay healthy and thrive. With our tree care services, your arbors will always be in excellent condition. Leave it to us in Fremont, CA to provide you with the reliable services you need to have thriving and appealing arbors around your property.

Tree Trimming

We can trim the trees around your property so that they look good and stay healthy. Whether you have branches that are interfering with their surroundings or you simply need a new shape to your trees, we can help. Our trimming services are just what you need for a well-polished look.

Tree Removal

The tree removal process can be tough, and it will likely require professional expertise to get the results that you desire. We come prepared to remove any unwanted trees on your lawn. Our team is one that you can trust regardless of the size or shape of your trees.

Customized Fencing

To have the maximum amount of privacy and security while at home, you may want to have a fence installed. Not only can we install fences around your property, but we can also have it customized to your liking. Pick the material, style, along with all of the details, and we will do the rest.

Deck Customization

Garcia and Amigo Tree Service and Landscaping can also work on fully customizing and constructing a deck on your property so that you have an outdoor space that you can enjoy.

If you are interested in our services, make sure to call us today at (510) 231-3483 to schedule your appointment!